Simple Lal Kitab and Vashikaran Totke to Control Husband

husband lal kitab vashikaran totke

Read this post and know about simple lal kitab and vashikaran totke to control husband. In our society, male dominance has been existing in most areas and marriage is also not untouched by it. In marriage relations, our society has different standards for both husband and wife. And these differences can be seen as when the husband has any extra marital affair nobody counts this as a sin. While in the same way if a wife has an extramarital affair, society considers it as a crime for a woman. These kinds of double standards have weakened the dignity of women in society.

After marriage, some wives get disrespectful behavior. Even some of them face physical violence from their husband. Their husband does not understand their feelings. They even don’t want to see their wives standing with them together as It hurts their society given male ego. This kind of situation creates problems for everyone. Marriage is such a relationship where both husband and wife should go parallel balancing each other. None of them should be behind or go ahead. Every woman wants such a husband who can take care of her, love her, respect her views and have trust in her. But not every woman is lucky enough to get her dream man as her husband. You can change your luck by trying vashikaran totke for husband and husband vashikaran remedies at home.

One of the most powerful mantra to get husband under control is:-

“Kaamya Pati Vashe Maanyae Thah, Vashi Krey Pati Maste, Hridye Dawe”

This mantra needs to be chant regularly for 21 days early in the morning before leaving the bed. If possible then try to chant the mantra when the husband is sleeping by your side. But ensure that your husband should never know about your implementation of this method. The energies that emit with this mantra will easily get into his body and let you know everything going on in his mind/heart. If you want to change anything, you can do it because now you have full control over your husband.

Don’t worry as we have some astrological solutions. These solutions are in the form of lal Kitab vashikaran totke. It gives remedies for you and for every woman who is passing through such a difficult phase of life. Through these lal Kitab remedies and vashikaran totke, you can easily control your husband. If you get success to control your husband by lal kitab ke totke for husband and Lal Kitab remedies then your husband will be 100% under your influence. You can make him do the things as same as you want.

husband lal kitab vashikaran totke
husband lal kitab totke

This lal kitab totke are the perfect and powerful solution to control someone without harm anyone. Lal Kitab which is also known as the “School of Vedic Astrology” is responsible for bringing astrology into the reach of the common man. This book consists of easy and simple solutions for daily life problems we face mostly. Whether it’s about controlling your husband or lover, getting lost love back, attracting a boy or girl, removing problems that come into the way of love marriage all can be done using vashikaran mantra for husband itself. Below are some Lal Kitab remedies and vashikaran totke to control husband which you can do yourself.

Vashikaran by Blood Totke to Control Husband

Pt. Rahul Shastri Ji is proud to say that 97% of the 1800+ people I have helped this year have since gotten good married lives thanks to vashikaran totke for husband remedies. In only 3 minutes, these remedies can help you achieve a happy marriage.

  • You need to put a Tilak on your husband or lover’s forehead from Blood taken from your menstrual cycle. This method is a full-proof way of putting your husband under your influence totally.
  • You should take 4 whole undamaged cloves near the vagina for continuous 4 days of your menstrual period and on the 5th day either give 3 cloves to your husband to eat or if he refuses to do so then rub the cloves on his body. This process is quite powerful vashikaran totke to control your husband.
  • Take seeds of Latjeeva, white mustard, tulsi, and white dhatura. Grind these with sesame oil. Put this mixture on your vagina and have sex with the person you want to be in your control. After this person will be under your influence and will not go to any other woman.

Vashikaran Mantra, Totke and Remedies for Men

If you are looking to control someone through powerful vashikaran totke or Lal Kitab remedies then you should consult our lal kitab specialist astrologer guru. He can suggest you exact remedy and procedure to control another person. For you to take some reference we are putting some remedies and vashikaran totke for men, please give them a read: –

  • Take some bilva Patras and dry it in the shades. Now, mix and grind bilva patras in the milk of Kapila cow (a special cow which is enriched with milk) before going to the men who you want to control through vashikaran totke.
  • Put a tilak on Your Forehead with Kesar, sindur, and gorochan With almond. After this whoever will see you will be hypnotized by you.