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I was very worried about my daughter . I was not getting the right match for her. I am highly greatful to Pt. Rahul Shastri ji who has made a slight change in her name spelling. It worked wonders for her. Today she had spent very happily married life with her husband. And recently blessed with a baby. A lot of thanks to India’s best astro palmist PT Rahul ji. He is a great scientific genius in the science of fortune.

Rakesh bhardwaj

Vancouver (CANADA)


I Priya from Ludhiana. I got married in year 2005. Just in three month we both got indulged in unpleasantness , generally over trivial usues. The matter got worried & we were consulting lawyers for divorce. One day I saw your advertisement of Pt Rahul ji in the newspaper. H e advised specific gemstone along with my name vibration with my husband. Honestly today my husband is even a bigger fan of yours than me since 2006. And now we are in U.K.Thank You

Priya Arora


Pt. Rahul Shastri is the world famous ASTROLOGER. I consulted him 5 years before by telephone & till now i have got so much benefits after consulting him that i can never even think to go t any other astrologer palmists or numerologist.

Prashant Verma

 Delhi (INDIA)

I am Vishal Chopra from Mumbai. I was in a relationship from last 5 years and i am to marry with her. But their are so much issue related to family and society in our relationship. Then i got the number of Pt Rahul Shastri. Now i am happy to get my lover as my wife. Thanks.

Vishal Chopra

Mumbai – India

I have been married with two children, for the last one year, my husband is not paying attention to me and our children. He had some marital relations with whom and had plans to marry. With the help of my relatives, I contacted astrologer Pt Rahul Shastri and I was a pillar to save my marriage.

Shreya Joshi

calgary- Canada

My Business and Life is in very difficult phase. I was in depression due to these situations. One of my best friend Rahul give me contact number of Pt Rahul Shastri. I decided to him Rahul ji. I went to Jalandhar in his office. Rahul ji such a great personality. Thanks Rahul ji.

Viresh Rathod

Delhi- India