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Love Marriage Prediction specialist

Do you want your love marriage prediction by date of birth and also want your love marriage prediction by name? Do you want love marriage prediction in kundali? Or, do you want to know to love marriage prediction astrology? If you want to know anything mentioned in the above lines you have reached the correct place. Our astrologer is very prominent in calculating or rather predicting your marriage just by your kundali, date of birth, or name.

Prediction of Marriage

Marriage is the best thing which will happen in anyone’s life. Predicting your marriage just by looking at your kundali is a piece of cake. These days even normal people who have the right resources can tell you an approximate date. But, for perfect results, visit our astrologer.

Love Prediction by Name

Love marriage prediction by name is based on both of your names. For example, if you don’t know your exact date of birth. Your marriage prediction will be by using your name. If you love someone, your partner’s name will also be use. It will mean that their is no need of kundli or date of birth. Prediction of marriage by names is also not something new. This mantra contain various sacred texts.

love marriage prediction

It is because, in your kundali or by your date of birth, you can know factors like the business, family, interpersonal relations. But, with just your name. An astrologer cannot predict anything guaranteed. So, if just your name is provided, he or she can just predict if you are compatible with them or not. After you marry them, you can check how the spouse of the person who has kundali will be. As your lives are now tied, you can know the welfare of your family by looking through this.

Mantra to Convince Parents

In cases where you both are not destined for love marriage. We have a simple mantra with which you can convince your parents. After implementing this mantra, your family will be receiving a marriage proposal from your lover. Despite your race, religion, caste, this mantra will work, and you will receive a proposal from your lover’s family in a month or so.

This mantra can be done by either partner who is in a relationship. When reciting this mantra, try to sit calmly and concentrate on your lover. You should also put a photo of your lover along with an oil lamp in front of you and make sure to concentrate on him or her. Recite the below mantra for 108 times for a period.

Om Haam Gam Joom (Lover Name) Vashya Vashya Swaha ||

The number of days you should chant the mantra is important. So, contact our astrologer for more details of this. We will also give you custom mantras to solve any problem in your life regarding various aspects like business relation, job purpose, family problems, love life.

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