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The Astrological Gem: Pt. Rahul Shastri


astrologer in PunjabAstrology has been a part of India for hundreds of years. Astrologers have been studying celestial bodies and their effects on human lives from ancient era to till date. Along with a birth certificate we also get ‘Kundli’ made according to the birth date, time and place. That position of celestial bodies on the day of our birth determines many elements of our future that we have no clue about. That is why astrologers help us by studying our birth date and time and predict what our fate has in hands for us? But even for this you need the best astrologer in India.

Why do we need best astrologer in India?

Conning has a source of livelihood for many people across the country. Many people just put on appearance like an astrologer and give false predictions to people. Not only do they dupe them of money by giving a bogus reading but also ask them to spend more in the name of God. By making people fear their lives or future they take advantage of them being ill informed. To avoid such a situation it is best to approach a genuine astrologer.

Who is the best astrologer in Punjab?

Pt. Rahul Shastri is a renowned astrologer. He is not only famous as best astrologer in Jalandhar but also is famous all across the country.

He was born in a well – known family of Vedic scholars and is a natural spiritual leader. He is a graduate with an Engineering Degree from Delhi College of Engineering. He is a renowned astrologer and has the knowledge of all the fields of astrology.


He can predict a person’s horoscope by their date of birth, time of birth and birth place. According to those readings he can explain the reasons for your discomfort and will give you suggestions as to what can you do to make your own life better.

He also offers consultation regarding Vaastu of a place be it commercial or residence. Vaastu is very important for the well – being of the family and the business. He also offers help in Numerology and Palmistry.

Many people already believe in this that certain numbers are lucky for you and certain are unlucky. But many people do not realize what number is that for them? Because that lucky or unlucky number was decided the moment you were born and secret to that number lies in your birth date and time.

Why fate over science?

Many times it happens that in spite of tremendous efforts we do not get success in life. This naturally brings our moral down. Or maybe we are doing well in our career but are not able to find a perfect person to marry. All this is because we are putting our energy in wrong direction. Astrological readings and help could help point us in that direction. After that it is our efforts that bring true success. But that guidance and knowledge is important. It will lead us to where we are destined to be. If you’re looking for the best astrologer in Punjab and India then Pt. Rahul Shastri can help you achieve all that you wish for.