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Vashikaran Using Name and Photo

Do you wish to control someone? Do you want to control someone with only a photo? Are you really in love with someone but you’re unable to express your feelings? Did your lover reject you? Did your lover cheat on you? If yes then change your life through vashikaran. It is an ancient technique used to control people by chanting mantras.

Vashikaran by name and photo is a bit difficult. So, it has to be done by prominent people who have a prior idea and experience in it. The technology has developed a lot, so you can even do vashikaran by name from home. You just need to consult an astrologer before doing this. The consulting is to know what can and cannot be done while performing vashikaran.

Vashikaran by Name

vashikaran someone by name

Doing vashikaran by name is should be in the following manner. Use a belonging which has been used for a long time. As the name suggests vashi means to attract, charm, hypnotize, or control. While karan means a medium through which the above tasks can be performe. Most of the people performing online vashikaran just use a belonging of the person to perform the ritual. Contact our pundit Ji for further details.

Vashikaran by Photo

Vashikaran by photo of lover is really strong and no one should do it alone. An astrologer who has experience in vashikaran should be present near you. Photo vashikaran can be use on anyone who lives far away also. It also depends on the emotional attachment you with you them. The more powerful affection you have with them, the stronger the spell works.

Along with it, you also require a few personal items like hair, a cloth or anything personal. They help in achieving good results. The mantra is very powerful so should look for an auspicious time to do it. You need a steady and concentrating mind. Focus on the chant to get good results. Keep the photo in the designated place and in your mind. Chant the following mantra and don’t let your mind flicker from it. Absolute concentration is require for this task.

Here is the powerful vashikaran mantra by photo

|| Oum Hum … (lover name) … Mum

Vaisham kuru kuru swaha: ||

Mantra to control your lover

This is another type of mantra to perform vashikaran by a photo. Everyone wants to fulfill his or her wish on having a suitable life partner. But, only a few can achieve it. You can receive instructions at our website if you want online vashikaran. This type of vashikaran can be use for a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband or anyone dear to you. While performing the spell, you should have a pure heart and the concentration to achieve the person you are doing the vashikaran on. Chant the mantra given below while keeping your lover in your mind. Do it continuously for 41 days to achieve results.

|| Oum Namo Arhantnam Array Arini Mohini

… (lover name) … Moh mohe swaha: ||

The above spells are just an introduction. The process in which they are have to do should be said by an astrologer. Mantras differ from person to person and how the individual is related to you. So, please contact us for further details.

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